The Consultant's Handbook: A Life or Reasonable Simile to One

A Work in Simile

Disclaimer: In accordance with AR 600-20, para 5-3(1)(a), political opinions expressed on this blog are those of myself in my private capacity and not as a representative of the DoD, DA, or any particular element of the Army or the United States government or any agency, entity or other organization thereof.

If you've read Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland you may be familiar with Snarks (Hunting of the Snark). Snark as my nym, as a call sign snark06 and snarkactual came from the realization of some very close friends that what is apparent or perceived is not always that which is the totality or the reality that exists. So, good reader, remember always that when dealing with Snarks "some are Boojums".

A little mini autobiography - I've been a Soldier, a husband, a father, a widower, a friend, a lover and many other things. As a Soldier my profession was my vocation and avocation. Today, I find myself an Information Technology consultant working with what is oxymoronically termed business intelligence. I've been many places and been with people who've done things that may be footnotes in history. I am of Mongol descent. I was born and raised in Hawaii. My heart is in Orange County California, but I am Texan by residency and philosophy now. I travel frequently. I have very radical middle of the road political views. This journal is pretty much that, a journal of my current situation, thoughts and ideas. Much of it is written in simile or otherwise purposely obfuscated. My interests are diverse, I SCUBA dive (used to be a PADI Instructor), sailing (I've done some racing), shooting sports ( I hunt and compete in Pistol and High Power Rifle), Fencing (sabre), read (primarily science fiction and history) and enjoy cooking (Chinese, French Italian with some Moroccan and other cuisines). In the past I've customized and reworked Smith & Wesson K, L, and N Frame revolvers, built competition M-1911s, AR-15s that won a few regional and interservice matches and would like to do so again. I've done volunteer work teaching 1st Aid, Swimming and CPR. I've learned several languages, among them French German, Italian, Classical Greek and Latin, Russian, Meo, Rhade, and can butcher Farsi,Spanish and Kazakh. I'm learning about re-enacting especially horse cavalry (I'm an unreconstructed Southerner) and CMSS (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Sports) SASS (Single Action Shooting Sports).

I share my life with my dog Winston.

My life is highly compartmentalized as a general rule and while people who've met me consider me gregarious, they only see what it is about me that I wish to reveal. This may possibly be the case in this blog and then again it may not.